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Care and Maintenance of parts and products begins directly after installation. The installation and construction processes often leaves residue; therefore, it is important to make sure that all debris is removed from the parts and product tracks before using them.

All of our aluminum products are constructed with the highest quality aluminum which is made to employ the highest weathering protection. By using our maintenance guidelines it will make sure you get the most out of the product warranty coverage. Like all aluminum products, our windows and doors require maximum care before and during the installation process. Minimal and periodic cleaning and maintenance post-installation is required. It is our recommendation to hire a professional to remove all of the panels so you can have complete access to the product frame and panels. Stickers on our products can be easily removed by soaking them with a wet cloth for five minutes prior to removal.

Recommended Routine Maintenance

Glass Cleaning
Cleaning glass should not be performed in high sunlight or extremely hot weather in order to get the best results. Using a mild window washing formula, apply the solution evenly over the glass surface with a brush, or other non-abrasive applicator. Immediately after the application of the cleaning solution a squeegee, or soft cloth should be used to remove all of the cleaning solution form the surface of the glass. Use extra caution to make sure that no metal parts of the cleaning equipment come in contact with the glass surface and that no particles are trapped between the glass and the cleaning materials. All water and cleaning solutions should be dried from the window gaskets, sealants and frames to avoid deterioration of the materials as a result from cleaning. For more stubborn stains that can not be removed with window washing material, utilize isopropyl alcohol, apply moderately and wipe in a circular motion. Avoid scraping hard or sharp objects across the glass surface, to prevent scratching, or cracking the glass, etc.

Track and Roller Maintenance Instructions
With all sliding windows and doors, regular vacuuming thoroughly removes dirt and debris to ensure smooth operation. Cleaning with a sponge and mild soap and water may be necessary. Once cleaned with a vacuum or mild soap and sponge, apply a silicone spray to a cloth and wipe the clean and dry tracks for lubrication on the rollers. With a straw applicator spray into all seams and cracks of the window. Replacing rollers that show signs of corrosion or damage will also help ensure easy operation. Replacing the track insert if it does not fit tightly or shows signs of corrosion or damage will also help ensure getting the best use out of your product.

Anodized Finish Maintenance Instructions
Wipe the anodized aluminum surfaces with a clean cloth and water. In case of debris on the aluminum surface, treat with isopropyl alcohol and clean in a circular motion. If the stubborn debris still remains, apply a light coat of lacquer thinner to a rag and apply moderate pressure until the debris is clear of the aluminum surface. Use of chemicals is not recommended on rubber or plastic surfaces. During the installation, a barrier must be used to separate the window frame from any stucco or concrete, making sure the installation expert completely isolates other metals by placing inert materials in between them. Applying car wax to clean, dry anodic finishes is a great way to maximize the life and enhance the appearance, by following the wax manufacturers instructions.
Painted Finish Maintenance Instructions
To clean painted aluminum surfaces, use a clean cloth and water, in case of stubborn debris spot-treat with isopropyl alcohol, and wipe in a circular motion, never using any acetone or thinner.

Hardware Cleaning Instructions
Wipe all locks and handles with a damp soft cloth, stubborn debris can be removed by rubbing with a clean, soft cloth, damp with isopropyl alcohol. Latches must be totally dry before the next process. Spray all exposed areas of locks and handles with wet silicone spray. With straw applicator, spray into all seams and cracks. Removing and replacing any latches that show signs of damage or corrosion. Sash balances should be completely dry before starting the next process. Remove the balances from the frame, and spray with a white lithium grease onto all metal areas, and reinstall the balances, replacing if damaged or corroded.

Hinges and Joints Cleaning Instructions
Clean with mild soap and water solution utilizing a soft cloth, rinse and let dry. Apply a lubricant to pivot joints and hinges to maintain smooth operation. Silicone spray works great.

Screen Cleaning
Vacuum the screen to remove dirt and debris, for stubborn dirt remove the screen and spray with water. Scrub the screen with a soft brush and mild soap, rinse, and replace when dry.

Weeping System Maintenance Instructions
To check the weeping system, pour a small amount off water, 1 cup or less into interior of the still track. If the water drains from the exterior weep holes, the system is clear. If the holes are block, insert a wire into the holes and do the test again until the blockage is gone, you may also use compressed air in a canister used to clean electronics.

Sealants and weather-stripping
These materials break down overtime, every five years an inspection is required for all frame corners. Inspect all exposed sealant in all frame corners and reseal if needed. On all sliding doors, the stainless steel track insert must be removed prior to properly seal. Check the newly sealed joints for water leaks after they have dried. Replace all weather-stripping. Remove all glazing to frame the glass and replace glazing tape, vinyl and sealant and re-glaze.

Required Maintenance Schedule
Monthly Maintenance
1. Glass-clean all surfaces with a mild cleaner, and soft absorbent cloth
2. Visual inspection- inspect all frames and panels to make sure all of the components are working, no water seepage, and all weep holes are clear.
3. If products are within five miles of any coast, the following should be cleaned once a month using the instructions above:
Anodized finishes
Painted finishes

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