G-Solar offers a variety of options in solar generation systems. Depending on your location, power needs, and budget, G-Solar provides a 21st century solution to rising energy costs with our Monocrystaline, Polycristaline, and Thin Film solar panels.G-Solar is catered to your needs and includes everything to complete your on-grid or off-grid system.

PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES (Solar panels): The photovoltaic modules convert light energy into electricity and are commonly referred to as Solar Panels. The solar panel is the basic element of each photovoltaic system and consists of interconnected solar cells, tempered glass, EVA sheet, and a TPT back sheet.
Monocrystalline (Mono)
Polycrystalline (Poly)
Thin Film (Thin)


G-Solar Systems for Home and business:
Solar Energy Systems provide renewable energy for your home or business from the sun. The solar power systems consist of two main components: Solar Panels and Inverters. The Solar Panels collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity. The Inverter then converts DC electricity from the Solar Panels into AC electricity that we use in our homes. Based on your location, G-OLOGY can assist in the application of rebate and subsidies available in your area. To determine the maximum financial assistance available to you in your area, please contact us.

The G-solar system includes the following components::
Photovoltaic Modules
AC/DC Inverter
Mounting System
Output Meter
Electric Connection Wire


How do G-Solar Systems work:
There are a few major components of any solar power system that allow it to convert sunlight into electricity we can use to power our household appliances.

1: Photovoltaic Modules (Solar Panels) When the sun shines on the solar panels on your roof they generate DC electricity. Your power generation begins as soon as the early morning sun hits the panels and continues all day until the last ray of sun disappears in the late afternoon.

2: Inverter This is the heart of the system and is critical to the safe and efficient operation of your G-Solar System. The DC electricity produced by the solar panels is transferred into the inverter which converts it to 120V AC electricity for use in your home.

3: Switchboard Electricity from the inverter is fed into your switchboard where it is distributed to appliances in your home.

4: Appliances Fridge, television, washing machine, lights and other power using devices can all be run using solar power generated on your roof.

5: Remote monitor Remote monitoring equipment can be connected to your inverter so that you can keep track of how much electricity you are producing.

6: Excess electricity is fed back into the grid for your neighbors to use. This has a number of benefits: less power needs to be generated by coal fired power stations (reducing CO2 emissions), there is less load on the grid infrastructure, and best of all you can sign up for a Premium Feed In Credit and get credited at a higher price for the electricity you supply to the neighborhood - saving you and possibly making you money!

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G-OLOGY is a division of NERAMIT Company; an ENERGY STAR partner, a member of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Green Chamber of Commerce, EPA Indoor airPLUS, and Sustainable Works.

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