Polycrystalline cells are made from similar silicon material as the monocrystalline cells except that instead of being grown into a single crystal, they are melted together and then placed into a mold. This forms a square block that can be cut into square wafers with less excess material than the round single crystal wafers. As the material cools, it crystallizes in an imperfect manner and forms random crystal boundaries. The efficiency of polycrystalline cell energy conversion is slightly lower than monocrystalline cells. This is remedied by the size of the finished module in that it is slightly larger per watt than single crystal modules. The cells look different from single crystal cells due to the surface having a multi-edged look with many variations of blue color.

Model : PVM-poly
Frame : equipped with a top of the line aluminum alloy frame treated for anti-corrosion and waterproof terminal box
Surface Description : multiple crystal mold + tempered glass
Surface colors : Blue Gemstone
Product Range :

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