Two to four panels. Can be used for large opening or room divider for patio door, balcony door, store front, meeting room. Using the handle, you can push or pull the door at anytime. . The door leaves are designed flexibly, there are single-leaf, two leaf, or four leaf configurations. Waterproof, sound-insulated, and heat-insulated by using thermal break aluminum alloy.

Model : UA-SD-J148
Profile : Thermal Break Energy Saving Aluminum
Glass : Tempered + LOW-E + Double glazing
(1). Clear
(2). Clear with Insulated rolled Venetian blind
(3). Clear with Insulated motorized Venetian blind
Surface treatment :
(1). Fifteen choices of powder coating colors
(2). Three choices of wood grain heat transfer printing colors
(3). Any color for PVDF3 coatings color
Fittings : made in Germany
Hardware colors : Brown or white or Black
Maximum width for a unit : 12,192 mm. or 40 ft.
Maximum width for each panel : 3,350 mm. or 11 ft.
Minimum width for each panel : 720 mm. or 2.36 ft.
Maximum height : 2,690 mm. or 8.83 ft.
Minimum height : 1,190 mm. or 3.9 ft.

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